About Us

Dminorstudio is a B2B digital marketing agency with a focus on US and Chinese market. Our goal is to help our clients grow business through digital marketing solutions. The company currently has offices in China and the United States. We believe that design, technology, and user experience are all indispensable to digital marketing. Using our digital marketing knowledge and experience, we help our customers grow business through digital marketing solutions.


B2B Website Design and Development

We specialize in using Drupal and WordPress open source content management systems for designing and building B2B websites for clients. We hope to utilize our internet knowledge and experience to assist our clients in creating great web applications that serve the most important goal: grow our clients’ business.


B2B Digital Marketing Solutions

We mainly help industrial products and professional service companies on B2B digital marketing to grow business in the US and China markets. Our services include Digital Marketing Strategy, WeChat Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Email Outreach, Google/Baidu SEO/SEM, Website Design and Development.


China/US Market Entry through Digital Marketing

With digital marketing experience in the US and China, we help our clients create and implement digital marketing strategies and plans in two totally different markets to enter the market. For example, we know how to provide website solutions for the Chinese market. With our experience working with clients in Asia, North America, and Europe, we know how to effectively communicate with my clients on both sides.



We have a customer-oriented system, and incorporate the client's view into each step of our professional process.  We have been working with clients in Asia, North America, and Europe, e.g. China, Taiwan, Japan, India, the US, Germany, UK, Sweden, and Denmark. Below are some of our clients:

Reed Exhibitions, Belden, Fiberguide, Halma, Munters, Nilfisk, Elektrobit, SMA Solar, ELGA LabWater, Envirotainer, Radiant Vision Systems, Ocean Optics