About Us

Dminorstudio is a digital marketing agency with a focus on US and Chinese market. The company currently has offices in China and the United States. We believe that design, technology and user experience are all indispensable to good Internet products. Using our Internet knowledge and experience we help our customers to create better products and services.


Focus on Open Source

Dminorstudio is an internet company with focus on open source software. We are currently based in China and US. We believe that great internet products are combinations of design, technology and user experience. We hope to utilize our internet knowledge and experience to assist our clients in creating great products.


Website Design and Development

We specialize in using Drupal open source content management systems for designing and building websites for clients. In terms of mobile website development, we can assist our clients in developing responsive web design (RWD) website by creating web pages that adapt to different devices.


Application Development

We provide customers with website technology-based Internet solutions.  We have provided customers with e-commerce, corporate intranets, DIY custom systems, logistics tracking systems and many other solutions.



We have a customer-oriented system, and incorporate the client's view into each step of our professional process, providing the client with high-quality services. When working with our clients, we provide solutions in several areas shown below:

  • 100% customized web design, not templates
  • Use of open source software, website and copyright fully belongs to client when finished
  • Based on customer needs, customized web/app development
  • Use of globally recognized content management systems that allow the websites to maintain expendability