LinkedIn Marketing

We help B2B companies generate leads through
LinkedIn Lead Generation

Keep Your Sales Team Busy

Each campaign will have direct introductions to prospects for you and your sales team to follow up. You will never worry about your sales pipeline again.

No More Cold Calls

Are you frustrated about making cold calls?
We are, too!
Get introductions to warm sales prospects that have expressed an interest in speaking with you about your product or service. It will be much easier to close the deal.

Lead Quality Guaranteed

We only engage with target audience that meet your criteria for the correct roles, industries, and positions.

The Framework

1. Discovery

The first step is to find out about your business as much as we can. You complete an on-boarding questionnaire. We will schedule a call to understand more about your company and your products or services.

By finding out about your company and offerings, we can get a clear understanding of your ideal customer profile and what makes you unique to your sales prospects.

2. Research

We will build and research contacts that fit your customer profile. We will present you with our analysis for confirmation before campaign begins.

The analysis shows exactly who we will connect with, which companies they work with, their role, and positions. Once you approve, the campaign begins.

3. Engage

Our interactions with your sales prospects take a personal and human approach. It builds trust and starts conversations the right way for our clients.

This approach also turn cold leads into warm leads. We use pre-approved messaging to develop unique sequences for each campaign. In the end, we hand over warm sales leads to you and your sales team.

4. Deliver

At the end of the campaign, our clients receive a full spreadsheet with the contact details of all the target prospects we connected with, including those who did not respond during the campaign. This allows your sales team to reach them through different channels and approaches.

How we do it

Step 1: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

All the tactics we implement are built on the foundation of an optimized profile. We work with our clients to polish their LinkedIn profiles for conversion.

Step 2: Connect with target prospects every day

We won’t send a straight sales pitch right away. Instead we connect with a non-salesey message, send over valuable articles and let the prospects come to us.

Step 3: Send a 4-step drip sequence

We send 4 drip messages to your target prospects over a 30 day period with the goal of starting warm conversations between you and your ideal customers. We will hand over your warm sales leads to you.

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