Wechat Service


WeChat official account backend

Developing the official account for more functions


Mini Program development

Follow the trend and get more traffic from the WeChat


Operating official account

Content is the core of WeChat


Operating e-commerce shop

Convert traffic into customers


WeChat marketing strategy

Developing the best marketing strategy based on analytics


Precision marketing

Analyze the data to draw a user profile


Official Account CRM

Creating complete solution, building customer management system, focusing on user profile


Follower system

Better management of the followers through points system and other methods


Marketing features

Develop marketing functions such as red pockets, lottery, and share to get coupon

Use Case

B2B Digital Marketing, Offline Stores, Trade Show

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Our Team

Experienced technology and product team

We have a very professional technical team, with extensive experience in website, WeChat, e-commerce development, and deliver features, according to our clients’ needs.

Professional copywriting + layout design

We have the most creative copywriting team, the most professional design team to provide you with the most appropriate Wechat articles.

Experienced operation team

We have an experienced WeChat and e-commerce operation team to develop official account and e-shop operation plan for you.

Powerful back-end system

We have a powerful backend management system, which integrates WeChat official account management, e-commerce backend management, marketing promotion function, and data analysis, and uses data to target the right audience.