Website Solution for Chinese Market

Why Work with Us?


Dedicated team in the US and China

We have team located in the US and China. The clients can always reach us either from China or the US.


Know Chinese internet market

We have gained our knowledge of the Chinese internet market through delivering successful results to our clients.


Better cross-culture communication

We constantly communicate with people in both countries and languages. We know the cultures as well as the languages.


Focus on web design and development

We focus on website-related service since the beginning of our company.


Working with non-Chinese companies since 2011

We have worked with foreign companies in China and the US. We have developed good workflow with our clients.


One-stop solution for your website

Our service starts from the beginning of website idea discovery to the end of website maintenance. The whole process of building a website is covered.

What Will We Do for Your Website?


Open-source CMS

We mainly use open-source content management system. Open-source technology will not lock our clients in and keep updated.


Customize web design for Chinese market

We design the webpage to adapt for Chinese user behavior. We design beautiful and user-friendly websites.


On-site SEO features

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been the common knowledge for website marketing. We build in basic SEO features on the website back-end.


Chinese browser-friendly

China has its own popular web browsers, i.e. 360 browser. We test for mainstream browsers, i.e. Chrome and IE, as well as these local browsers.


Optimize your website for China

No matter your website is inside China or outside China, we can optimize your website and server performance for the Chinese market.


Connect with China social media

China has its own popular social media, i.e. WeChat and Weibo, not Facebook or Twitter. We will connect the website with Chinese social media.

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