Our Cases

The company website is built with Drupal 7 content management system (CMS). It uses a responsive website design, in which the layout adjusts according to the mobile device being used. 

This logistics service website is built with content management system (CMS) Drupal 7. The layout of the website adapts to the screen size of the mobile devices, and is compatible with popular web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, UC and WeChat.

The menswear company website and e-commerce website is built with Drupal 7 content management system (CMS). The website has three large sections: the corporate website, the e-commerce, and the online fitting room section.

The company website is built with Drupal 7 content management system (CMS).  The website has an adaptive web design, in which the website layout adjust according to the mobile device layout.

The new regional website, built with Drupal 7 content management system (CMS), is designed to have similar look and features as the headquarters website, with some features and information specifically designed for the APAC regional website needs.

The education sector corporate company website is built with content management system (CMS) Drupal 7.  Due to the large amount of information the website offers different designs for different screen sizes.

Our Partners & Clients

  • Metaps is an app monetization platform using AI & big data to maximize app revenue and optimize campaign performance. Founded Metaps Pte. Ltd. in Singapore in 2011, and Metaps has expanded to opening offices in 8 countries around the world.

  • Halma, a London Stock Exchange listed company, is an international group with businesses in 23 countries and major operations in Europe, USA and Asia.

  • IGNITE is a platform providing custom jewelry service, based on the world's leading 3D technology.

  • Tangshun Group is a compressed air system solutions provider, with five subsidiaries under its group entity.

  • Fiberguide Industries’ headquarters and optical fiber manufacturing facility are located in New Jersey, providing customers with good quality, low cost, practical fiber optic solutions.


  • Bio-Chem Fluidics is a professional fluid parts manufacturer, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, dedicated to in vitro diagnostics, chemical analysis, users of medical equipment manufacturing and other industries to provide fluid system solutions.


  • Virtuos is a gaming software outsourcing service provider based in Shanghai, China.  It is China's largest independent game studio.

  • Ocean Optics is the global leading provider for optical sensing solutions, providing the basis of light-matter interaction process measurement and mechanism analysis.

  • Belden is the world's largest manufacturers of professional electronic cables, as the industry leader has always been committed to provide users with reliable cabling products.

  • The world's leading exhibition and conference organizers with 33 representative offices in the world, annually hosting 500 exhibitions and conferences in 39 countries.

  • Keruilai uses its advanced technologies and expertise in the field of evaporative cooling, combined with green energy saving cooling solutions, provides customers with excellent air quality and environment.

  • The company is committed to cloud computing and mobile technology in the field of international cargo applications, working to optimize the allocation of resources and the logistics community to build an open, flexible and secure operation and trading platform.

  • Sprout Lifestyle in Shanghai is a comprehensive healthy food education platform for both Chinese and foreigners living in the city with a desire for healthy lifestyle.  Sprout Lifestyle offers a variety of healthy food, light meals as well as health education activities.

  • Munters is a Swedish company that manufactures products for dehumidification, humidification and air cooling, including equipment for water and fire damage restoration. It was founded in 1955 by inventor Carl Munters together with Marcus Wallenberg and others. The company has sales of about 6.3 billion.

  • Shanghai Automotive Group Finance Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Co., Ltd. established finance company, its business covers auto finance, corporate finance and other services.

  • Marco Bruno Menswear was founded in 1990, is a professional brand of men's custom suits, located in 30 cities in China with more than 100 service outlets.

  • Based in Redmond, Washington, Radiant Vision Systems has proven production experience with thousands of cameras testing millions of lights and displays.


  • UBI Logistics specializes in import and export services for air, ocean, and rail transportation services, business services also include freight canvassing, booking, customs brokerage, container consolidation, issuing of transport documents and other services.