The #1 B2B Marketing Mistake You Must Avoid at All Costs

One big B2B digital marketing mistake… 

You MUST avoid at all cost.

The sooner you optimizes it, the less damage you will receive…👇

Every B2B company should spend enough resources on self-owned online channels.

There are two self-owned online channels every B2B company must have:

1. Website
2. Email list

Don’t just rely on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

Don’t think you don’t need a website or email list to promote your business online.

We never know if our account on those platforms will be banned for any reason.

Having self-owned channels will reduce the damage if your accounts are banned. 

So…allocate enough resources to your website marketing and email marketing. 

You won’t be desperate when your platform account is banned.

Remember, you don’t own an audience until you own the channel.