The Secret to 100% Open Rates in China: WeChat Marketing

One thing I wish I had known before… 

I started to outreach B2B potential customers in China.

This method almost guarantees 100% delivery and open rate.👇

What is the primary digital channel to discuss business online in China?

It is not email, text, or Zoom. 

It is WeChat.


In China, people value convenience more. 

It is more convenient to do everything in one app. 

That is how WeChat becomes a super-app. 

People in China put their personal life and professional life all in WeChat.

They will check WeChat more often than email, text, or social.

The open rate will be much higher than other channels.

And it is easy to start a conversation with the recipients.

So…when you connect with someone in China on a non-Wechat channel...

Make sure to switch to WeChat to continue your conversation ASAP. 

In WeChat, the delivery rate is almost 100%. 

Even better, the open rate is 100%… 

Because the recipient has to open WeChat several times every day.