The tools we use for work

As a Drupal-based web development agency and a remote team, we can not work without online tools. We found it is impossible to use only one tool to serve all purposes. So, We need to integrate several tools into our workflow. Each tool has its own purpose. The below are the online tools we are using:

What is our company culture?

This is the topic I haven’t written before. I think company culture is more about how you act, not how you speak. That’s why I didn't mention it in the past. It takes time to build a company culture, but it is so easy to destroy it.

How I work as a remote worker

Being a remote worker for more than two years, I have learned few things to make it work. If you can find out what your best way to work remotely is. Working remotely will be more productive than working in the office when it comes to creative work.



How to build a website for Chinese market

The China internet market is different from the rest of the world. When most of internet world uses Google, YouTube, and Twitter, the Chinese internet world has its own rules. Due to internet censorship, most mainstream web services might not work in China. When our non-Chinese clients want to build up a website in China, the first thing we will do is to switch their mindset from mainstream world to the unique Chinese world.



?Restart dms WeChat official account

We started our WeChat official account in 2013. At that time, we set up WeChat account to investigate how to integrate WeChat API and Drupal. We even published a blog article, Drupal和微信的结合. Other than that, We didn’t really do much on our WeChat account.

Redesign company website

We have been working on our new company website since last year. Just like most other agencies, it always takes forever to finish internal projects. It is the third time to redesign our website. The following are highlights of our new website.