Baidu SEO and PPC is the main channel to promote B2B in China

Unlock the B2B sales potential in China with this digital marketing approach.

If you can choose only one approach in China, choose this approach.

Here is the one…👇

Baidu Search Engine Marketing

Baidu SEO and Ads are still viable channels to promote B2B businesses online.

Here is why:

1.  Most B2B buyers still use laptops or desktops at work.
2. Most B2B buyers still use Baidu at work.
3. Most B2B buyers still visit the website when they need to learn more about a particular company.

I know SEO and PPC don't sound sexy at all.

But the truth is most B2B buyers make decisions at work.

They want to find the information faster and right to the point.

That is why website and search engine will be their go-to tools.