Redesign company website

We have been working on our new company website since last year. Just like most other agencies, it always takes forever to finish internal projects. It is the third time to redesign our website. The following are highlights of our new website:

  • Flat design. We continue using flat design. We tried to use simple and intuitive UI element to make a website more user-friendly.

  • Theme color. We keep our corporate color, dminorstudio blue, as the main theme color. On top of that, we add orange, green, and purple color to make theme less cold and warmer.

  • Responsive web design. Most people spend more time on mobile devices. A responsive website is a must for current web development and design. We use card design*[1] to bring visitors intuitive and clean user interface.

  • Hidden menu. We experiment on hidden menu design. Visitors need to click on the button to toggle menu. It will let visitors focus on the content.

  • Specific content for US and China market. The new website still has English and Chinese content. The content will not be just direct translation between two languages. We will have different content for the Chinese and English version in the future.

  • Drupal. Drupal is still our first choice as our content management system, period :).

  • Site speed improvement. We will improve site speed to bring our visitors better browsing experience. Since we focus on China and US market, we need to consider users in the both continents.

As always, it never ends in software development projects. It is only the phase 1 in our company website development. The company website is like our lab. We are always doing experiments here. We plan to implement more ideas on this website in the future.



  1.  ↩