Reference Ecosystem for B2B Digital Marketing

Steal this idea to improve B2B potential client outreach.

It is a simple idea, and execution is in your control.

But many B2B companies forget or feel lazy to do it…👇 

When you digitally outreach or attract those people who don’t know your company at all…

Other than product/solution pages, they will first check your business’s online presence and references.

This is why B2B companies must build up reference materials.

For B2B companies, your reference materials should include:

1. Website
2. Case Study
3. Clients name
4. Whitepaper
5. LinkedIn profile
6. Blog articles
7. Testimonial
8. Webinar, interview, podcast recordings 

The goal here is to make potential clients eager to talk with you.

Your potentials need to see that info to increase their familiarity, trust, and confidence to make this critical move - contact you.

In a B2B world, no deal is closed without a real conversation.

Your B2B digital marketing needs to give potential clients enough reasons to contact you.

Keep this goal in mind when you develop any B2B digital marketing campaigns.

It will be much easier to make your digital marketing successful.