What is our company culture?

This is the topic I haven’t written before. I think company culture is more about how you act, not how you speak. That’s why I didn't mention it in the past. It takes time to build a company culture, but it is so easy to destroy it.

At dminorstudio, we don’t put our company value as a banner on the wall or issue a company culture pamphlet to everyone. I believe culture is the thing you don’t have to print it out. On the contrary, it is more important to execute. It is more about how people in this company share the same value. It applies to how we work and how we treat our colleagues.

More importantly, the company culture will evolve. So, why do I want to write it now? I guess we have built this company long enough to talk about it. The below are the values we believe:

  • Teamwork. We are a small company. Every colleague needs to work with and depends on each other. Everyone needs to work and think as a team. You always have to communicate with your teammates online and offline. Since it is a small group, no one can hide from your computer. Your work is open to everyone else.
  • Continuous learning and sharing. We keep learning new things and sharing knowledge with each other. During weekly meeting, we have a session for a pointed person to share something he or she likes. Also, we have a book club and knowledge sharing talk. We encourage everyone to share what he or she learns and learn from each other.
  • People first. We value and trust each one. That is the foundation how we build up this company. We believe everyone is unique and should have freedom to choose the way they like to work. We don’t ask everyone to be in the office all the time. Everyone can work from home or other spots. Also, it is easy to ask for a leave. All you have to do is just give a heads-up online. We set up our rules and process, based on respecting our people.

As I said earlier, company culture is an action, not a talk. I summarize these three things from what we have done at dminorstudio. This is our culture so far. It will evolve in the future. I will keep posted.