July 2023 Dms Newsletter – What Western Marketers Can Learn from China

Dminorstudio Newsletter

July 31st, 2023

Hey Reader,

This Summer is extremely hot across the globe.

I hope you and your family are doing well.

In addition to my summer vacation, something fun and exciting is coming for me in August…

I will join the online panel discussion, China: Misplaced Assumptions, Creating a New Market, & Outside-In Digital Marketing, on August 30th. (Free event)

The event is hosted by IERG (International Executive Resources Group).

Of course, you are all invited. More information is below.

I am not a professional speaker by trade. I don’t do speeches or panel discussions very often.

If I commit to an event, I always ensure I deliver enough value to my audience.

I also enjoy the process of developing my presentation, delivering my speech, and communicating with the audience.

The whole process is to workshop what I learned, understand what people are interested to know, and systematically deliver my knowledge.

If you have any questions about this panel discussion, please reply to this email.

🗣 Panel Discussion - China: Misplaced Assumptions, Creating a New Market, & Outside-In Digital Marketing (12 pm New York time, August 30th)

  • I will join this panel discussion as a panelist with two other experts. The topics will cover culture, China market entry, the chocolate industry in China, China market insights, and China digital marketing. You can find more information here. If you are interested, you can register through the Zoom registration page. (Free event)

P.S. You can also register through their LinkedIn post.

⭐ My LinkedIn Daily Post

  • My LinkedIn Daily Post — I post my thought at 8:00 am (NY time) every Mon, Wed, and Fri). I covered B2B China e-commerce, B2B influencer marketing, Google/Baidu SEO, B2B website marketing, and more in July. You can check here and find topics you like.

👨‍💻 My Pick for Digital Marketing

🧙‍♂️ My Pick for China Digital Marketing

🔧 Cool Stuff

  • Uptime Robot — I have used it to monitor website downtime. It is reliable and easy to use. More importantly, it has a free version. :)

❤️ My Favorite Thing

  • LinkedIn Blog — The LinkedIn blog has many B2B marketing insights and reports. It has become my new favorite source for learning B2B marketing.

📚 What I Have Been Watching

  • Dark Winds — If you like the TV show, Longmire, you might like it. It is a psychological thriller show based on the novel. Plus, it has a gorgeous southwestern nature scene and beautiful Navajo culture.

Thanks for reading, be grateful, and stay cool🧊!

Stephen Tseng

(My LinkedIn Profile)