Connect and Convert: Crafting a B2B Website That Sells

Don't make this business mistake when designing a B2B website.

We all want our B2B websites to be beautiful and sexy.

The truth is "beautiful and sexy" is the last concern..why?👇

Before you design a B2B website, you should always ask yourself two questions:

1. How to make potential customers find our website online?
2. After potential customers visit the website, how to make them want to contact us?

If you have the answers to the two questions…

You will build a b2b website that can help you sell.

Most of the time, people ask how to make websites beautiful.

They often forget the end goal of a B2B website - to help businesses sell.

So…next time you design a B2B website, don't focus on making the website sexy at the beginning. 

Instead, focus on…

1. How to increase visitors' trust through your content. 
2. How to make the website easy to find for potential customers.

B2B customers don't buy because of a beautiful website.

They buy because they can "find" and "trust" you.