区块链技术和加密货币在最近几年特别的火,应用的行业也越来越广, 区块链技术已从最早的金融行业应用延伸到其它的行业,加密货币也从比特币延伸到其它不同的加密货币,在创业圈里也因区块链技术和加密货币的普及发展出新的融资方式。

Baidu and Google PPC Case Study: How We Increase Website Traffic to Generate Leads

SMA Solar Technology AG is a German solar energy equipment supplier with offices in 18 countries. To improve their brand awareness and online lead generation in Mainland China and Taiwan, SMA decided to use Baidu and Google PPC to promote their websites.

Your secret simple guide for B2B website marketing strategy

The fundamental question is why they need to have a strategy for their website. The answer is to *avoid wasting money on website design, development, and website marketing.


Case Study: How WeChat Marketing Increases B2B Brand Awareness in China

Nilfisk offers an extensive range of premium cleaning products and a trusted aftermarket offering to the professional market.

Their main product lines are floorcare equipment, vacuum cleaners, and high pressure washers, and a wide range of domestic vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers to consumers worldwide.


Nilfisk 集团总部位于丹麦,在 40 多个国家和地区设有销售公司。Nilfisk 结合强大的分销商网络,在全球 100 多个国家销售产品。力奇的生产设施位于亚洲、欧洲和美洲。


How to recession-proof your B2B digital marketing

The whole world is affected by COVID-19. Many businesses are impacted. Most people are saying a recession is coming. In my opinion, the recession is happening now. The real question is not how we prepare for the recession but how we survive or even grow our business during these uncertain times.


How to make a simple B2B marketing strategy for your company WeChat

For a B2B company, WeChat should be a channel for promoting their business and engaging with their clients or prospects. Before you promote your business using WeChat, you should have a WeChat marketing strategy as a roadmap.



How to use WeChat CRM to grow B2B sales in China

WeChat is the most popular mobile app in China. Unlike any other IM app, WeChat is an app which can do a lot of things. If you want to communicate with your clients in China, the best communication tool is WeChat.